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    Dongguan Jing Sheng kitchen products Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Jing Sheng kitchen products Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Jing Sheng kitchen products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a company committed to the development of modern environmental protection equipment canteen equipment, services in factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, institutions canteen. The company covers an area of 10000 square meters, a collection of outstanding designers, technicians and other kitchenware  .....

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    【Interpretation】 restaurant fine kitchen equipment list of…
    【Interpretation】 restaurant fine kitchen equipment list of…

    Today, you will learn more about western, Italian and French restaurants. The main kitchen equipment includes kitchen equipment and bar area equipment. The kitchen facilities are equipped with the following facilities:

    China's hotel kitchen equipment design innovation more perso…
    China's hotel kitchen equipment design innovation more perso…

    Recalling the development of China's hotel kitchen equipment industry, original design has been the bottleneck of the development of product design plagiarism, imprisoned the hotel kitchen equipment business development.


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